WordPress Blog Manager Job Description

Most of the time, when folks ask me what I do, I just say, “I work on the Internet”. The closest job title might be, “WordPress Blog Manager”, but that doesn’t mean much to most people. Below is a description of what a blog manager does as well as some of the specific tasks that are often expected of this job.

WordPress Blog Manager Job Description

A WordPress blog manager is someone who manages some/all of the maintenance, updates, and content on a blog. Depending on the type of site and how many blogs need to be managed, the job description can be very different. Below are some of the common responsibilities of a blog manager.

WordPress Maintenance

This includes updating plugins, updating the theme, performing core updates, updating WordPress, going through comments, etc.

Content Management

Sites get their content from different places. Some write it themselves, while others outsource to professional writers. In some cases, I have even seen job descriptions where the blog manager is expected to write the articles themselves.

Regardless of where the content comes from, generally, it is the blog manager that makes sure the site gets regular, high quality content.

Finding and Managing Guest Bloggers

Some sites accept guest posts in exchange for money. I don’t accept them on this site, but you may be expected to manage guest posts as a WordPress blog manager.

Social Media

Many websites have Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts associated with them. Sometimes, it is the job of the blog manager to post on social media and respond to messages.

Acquiring and Onboarding New Websites

For blog networks that are still growing, the blog manager may be tasked with researching and buying new websites. They may also have to work with the seller to transfer the domain name and get the files and database to migrate the site to a new hosting account.

Hosting and Server Management

The blog manager may also be responsible for managing the hosting the handling any issues with the server.

Build New Blogs

In some cases, the blog manager is also expected to build a new blog or continue to build new blogs on a regular basis. This often involves installing WordPress, ordering content, configuring the theme, creating a logo, configuring SEO, etc.

Managing Advertising and Affiliate Programs

Many sites are monetized through affiliate programs or other advertising opportunities. The blog manager may also be responsible for adding, monitoring, and optimizing the advertising for the site(s).