Types of WordPress Jobs and Where to Find Them

According to BuiltWith.com, there are over 25,000,000 WordPress sites on the Internet today. That means that if you know WordPress, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money off your skillset.

It isn’t just WordPress developers that are needed…There are jobs for writers, designers, customer service, maintenance, and more, as long as you know where to look.

Do you know WordPress? Are you looking for a job? Read on to find out what types of WP jobs are out there and where to find them!

Types of WordPress Jobs

WordPress Plugin Developer

If you have experience coding and developing plugins, there are lots of jobs available to work on existing plugins or to create new ones. You can find out how to create a plugin here.

WordPress Theme Designer/Customizer

For those with a talent for CSS and web design, you might be able to find work creating themes or customizing existing themes.

Content Contributor/Writer

If you are a decent writer, this may be the perfect job for you. Contributors earn money by writing articles and posting them on a site. It isn’t specific to WordPress, but a familiarity with the platform can be a plus.


This is another job that is not necessarily specific to WordPress, but is often needed by blog owners. Most of these are freelance gigs and can be found on sites like UpWork.com, etc.

WordPress Blog Developer

WordPress blog development covers a wide range of skills and jobs. From simple blog creation to enterprise-level installations, there are job opportunities for entry-level developers to senior developers.

Depending on your skill level, you can find a slew of jobs just by searching online for “WordPress Developer Jobs”.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist

Every website needs SEO, and WordPress blogs are no exception. The only difference is that WP makes it easier by providing free and paid SEO plugins and giving users easy ways to optimize their sites.

If you have experience with SEO, specifically as it relates to WordPress, this may be a good job for you.

Customer Support and Account Managers

As with any industry, there are always jobs for customer support and account managers. For example, companies that have paid plugins and themes, often need friendly folks with WordPress experience to handle customer questions and issues. WordPress development companies often also need help with their clients.

Some of these jobs are on-site while others can be done remotely, so these can be good options regardless of where you’re located.

Other WordPress Jobs…

Aside from the jobs listed above, there are plenty of other opportunities to work with WordPress sites including site migrations, speed optimizations, performance updates, site redesigns, and more.

The more skills you have, the more jobs you can get, but where do you find WordPress jobs?

Where to Find WordPress Jobs

If you do a google search for “WordPress Jobs”, you will see plenty of results, but these sites seem to be the big ones.

  • UpWork – Freelance platform with a large variety of jobs including tons of WordPress Jobs.
  • WPHired.com – Jobs specifically for WordPress.
  • jobs.wordpress.net – Only WordPress jobs.
  • Indeed – All jobs, but plenty of listings that are specific to WordPress.
  • RemoteOK – Only remote jobs with the ability to search for WordPress.