Monthly Website Audits

In order to make sure things are running smoothly, I try to check each site every 21 days. I’ve tried shorter and longer periods between audits, but 3 weeks seems about right for the types of sites I manage.

Check Indexing

The first thing I do is look up every new post in Google to make sure it is indexed. If posts aren’t indexed within a few days, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Check Domain Authority and Traffic

The MOZ DA and SEMRush traffic are also good indicators of how a site is doing.

Go Through Email

Of the hundreds of emails the sites get each month, I see very few legitimate emails. But, it is still important to check.

Update WordPress and Plugins

Keeping WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date is important for security.

Address Comments

Some of the sites get an obscene number of comments and pings. I generally just delete them and/or turn off comments and pings entirely.

Check Recent Posts

Since the content is published by other people, I make sure the categories and tags are appropriate and check for featured images.

At Least One Other Improvement

Once I’ve checked the site’s vitals, I try to make at least one other improvement. It depends on how mature the site is and other site-specific things, but some little improvements might include:

  • Cleaning up categories.
  • Tweaking the nav or widgets.
  • Adding category descriptions.
  • Installing an interlinking plugin.
  • Refreshing high-traffic content.
  • Testing forms and tools.
  • Adding new monetization methods.